Coaching Programs

This 8-week beginning course provides you with the essential groundwork to work with clients, the clarity to run your business well, and the systems to make your life easier and your client’s experience better.


This course is loaded with content including access to the Butterfly Files -- a practitioner's guide to creating a strategy for your practice and the organization you need to run your business more effectively and productively. You'll also have access to replays, accountability partners, a Facebook group and, depending on your entry level, bonus content to help you soar. 

Have your explored the course and know you are now ready to join us?  If so, next step is to sign up.  Use the enroll now button and we'll send you your Quick Start Guide and follow up with access to the Membership site and Facebook group.  

We're delighted you are investing in you, your business, and your future clients.  We are thrilled you'll be joining us.  If you have questions, be sure to contact us. 

We find coaching to be an essential ingredient to success.  Too often we get in our own way, get confused and disoriented or simply lack the knowledge or skill to move to forward. If you are struggling, strongly consider coaching.