How to Build a Successful Healing Business

Learn how to Start it, Run it, and Grow it. 

Gain the knowledge and confidence to fill your calendar and earn a real income...all in this 8 week program.  

Fellow Healers - does this sound familiar?  

  •     You feel destined to have a career helping people heal.

  •     You feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next.

  •     You're afraid you won’t have enough paying clients to pay the bills.

Perhaps you have fears about making a big mistake, having a major setback, and having to spend time correcting the problems. 

Maybe you're unsure what to charge – is it too much or not enough? 

Are you confused about how to talk with a potential client in a way that will help them decide whether they want to work with you? 

Or maybe you’re worried about where and how to find paying clients to fill your calendar and bring in the income you need to pay the bills?

And what about technology?!  What programs can best help you?  How do you choose them?  What’s the best equipment to use?  And what if you're “tech-challenged” … how do you get around that?


There's a better way.... 

Starting and growing a business is a daunting process.  You can lose a lot of time, energy, and money while trying to figure it out on your own. 

What if you could learn how to “do it right” – right from the beginning?  To be trained by people who've been in your shoes, figured it out and are now running their own successful businesses?

We know from personal experience how challenging it can be to have that burning desire to start working with clients but then feel overwhelmed because you don't have the tools and systems needed to make it work well.

What if we could take all that we’ve learned from developing our own successful practices, distill it down to what matters most, and then teach it to you – step by step, in clear concise lessons – so that you can jumpstart your business?  Without making all the mistakes that cost us time, energy and money?  Would that make a BIG difference for you in helping you more quickly reach your business goals?

We're Allison and Dana, certified energy healing practitioners and we'd like to help you! 

Early in our practitioner careers, we each sought out support from great coaches and programs that accelerated our growth. 


We learned it takes dedication, energy, inspired action and great coaching to turn your dream business into reality.

Today, we both have energy practices doing as many as 25 to 30 sessions in a week.  Allison has been working with clients for 6 years while Dana has been working with a steady stream of clients for 3 years. 


We're now at a point in our careers where we want to share what we've learned to make it easier for you to achieve success. 

We want to help you transform your fears, indecision and fledgling practice into a business that helps you find and help the people who need you. 

We believe - as Andy Andrews says in his book The Butterfly Effect - "you have the power to change the world through the work you do."  

You have been created in order that you might make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.

Andy Andrews, The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters

We created Take Flight: Launch your Business and Soar to give you...  

  • The foundational components to start your business, 

  • The “best practices” of how to run it day to day,

  • The tactics of how to protect it

  • And marketing strategies on how to grow it.


We'll provide the training and coaching you need to avoid mistakes, eliminate frustration and jumpstart your practice. 


We'll share our collective knowledge and our best tips and resources to enable you into create a flourishing business.    

We believe that within 8 weeks, you'll have the tools and techniques to quickly start and build your business.  Without being plagued by lingering doubts about your next steps, you’ll be able to move forward with your business quickly and confidently.  You can stop spinning your wheels in thought and confusion – and instead start generating the income you need to support you and your business. 

It's worth every penny and more!

I am so happy and grateful that I did this course...really, it saved me I would say. Cause I was so overwhelmed to build my business by myself and specially in our field! I could of done it with trial and error but it would of taking me so much time and money to build it. It's way smarter and faster to find people who have a successful business and get them to  give you the roadmap! It's worth every penny and way more I would say.”  

Sami F, Take Flight Student

Who is this course for? 

Who is this course for?

Take Flight is a good fit for you if... 

  • You're certified in your healing modality

  • You're beginning your practice or you've struggled to make it work 

  • You're on a mission to help people 

  • You have a strong desire to build a practice, move forward and take action

  • You have the time, energy and focus to participate in weekly webinars and working on assignments  

  • You're coachable.  

What's included in Take Flight

In this 8-week course, you'll get the foundational elements you need to work with clients, the systems to make your life easier and your client's experience better, and the clarity and confidence to run your business successfully. 

Each week you’ll get access to a new webinar focused on a specific part of building your business. You’ll get to participate in Q&A discussions where you can ask questions and get help on specific issues you might be having. And you’ll get focused assignments to help you build upon the previous week’s foundation and make sure you implement what you learn. 

Outlined below are the key topics we cover each week.  You'll find much more content within each lesson. 

Week 1  Foundation: Business, Vision & Mindset  

  • We'll define your role as the Business Owner of your practice

  • Create a vision for being, doing, and having your desires for business & life 

  • Build your foundation by knowing your Why, your Purpose and your Dream 

  • Put yourself in the right mindset to manifest your dreams

Week 2  Organize My Business

  • How to balance working "In" vs. "On" your business  

  • Creating my Team:  When to Do-It-Yourself vs. delegate 

  • How to find help for your project  

  • Tips on organizing your office    

  • How to choose a user friendly scheduling system 

  • Tips on collecting payment  

  • Options for setting up "no cost/low cost" business phone systems to keep your private numbers private 

  • How to create an electronic filing system

Week 3  Get Ready for Clients!

  • Plan your annual income strategy and learn how to set up your services and fees to support your goal 

  • Create special offerings & promotions to boost your income 

  • Ideas for setting up your work calendar to meet your personal and financial goals

  • How to set up a successful in-person practice

  • Develop client working guidelines that we call "work-with-me" policies

Week 4  Working with Clients

  • Tips for starting your work day ready and prepared to work with clients

  • Strategies for working with your clients and building your practice 

  • How we turn consultations into paying clients

  • How to build rapport & create long-term client relationships 

  • Using documents & forms to support your client work

Week 5  Promote My Services

  • Learn steps to promote your business and build your practice

  • Connect with your clients by developing and sharing your story

  • Define problems you solve and the ideal client you want to work with

  • Learn how to create an Elevator Pitch that easily and quickly tells others what you do 

  • Tips for collecting testimonials and sharing them 

  • Ideas for creating a Referral Program 

Weeks 6 & 7  Marketing Strategies

  • Learn a marketing formula aimed at creating a 6-figure business

  • How to create written content to help your clients find you  

  • Tips for using Social Media & creating blog posts 

  • How to develop a logo and brand whether you hire someone to help you or you create it on your own  

  • Tips on how to build your website and how to hire help or where to start if you build your own 

Week 8  Finances, Legal & Insurance

  • Learn what we've learned about disclaimers to protect you and your business

  • Learn what insurance coverage options you should consider

  • Ideas about incorporating your business

  • Suggestions on business banking & applying for business credit 

  • Accounting systems to consider to know your numbers and make tax planning easier 

Two Options Depending on Your Needs

To make this training available to more students, we're offering two options - a Business Basic Program and a Business Acceleration Program.


The Business Basic Program includes...  

  • 8 Weeks of live Webinar training – covering everything you need to start and run your successful healing business

  • A private membership site for course content - including webinar replays you can watch at your convenience and contain downloadable assignment files (The Butterfly Files) and other resources – to help you implement what you learn.

  • The Butterfly Files - a thorough and comprehensive guide and project plan that comes to you weekly,  The  assignments enable you to plan, organize and complete tasks to help you build, manage and grow your business for years to come.

  • A private Facebook Group Page - for group discussions and collaboration. 

  • An Accountability Group - a mastermind group of assigned, fellow students to give you support during the course and who can be your go-to colleague after the course has ended.

  • Bonus Resources -

    • Organization, Get More Done In Less Time. a 90-minute training video you can view on your own time 

    • vCita Training, How to Set It Up and Use it, 90 minute training video you can view on your own time  

    • And more.


For those who want to accelerate their growth.... 

We know we can provide even more value by including a few more important components. If you’re highly motivated and want to move quickly, the Business Acceleration Program might be for you.  

The Business Acceleration Program is for the highly motivated and includes...  

  • Everything included in The Business Basic Program 

  • Four group Energy Healing Sessions to work on blocks interfering with moving you or your business forward. It’s inevitable you’ll have internal resistance somewhere. These sessions can help you move through them.  

  • Session 1 & 2  - Dana, a certified Psych-K Facilitator, leads you through several processes to change beliefs holding you back 

  • Session 3 - In this powerful session, Allison leads you towards being, doing, and having what it is you desire. The exercises she teaches are those she uses personally and with her clients aimed at harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. The last exercise takes to you to your future - visualize it, experience it, feel it!  

  • Session 4 - We expand your skills by training you advanced skills in identifying and working with the wounded inner child safely, with compassion and with the goal of healing old wounds so the adult can move forward with greater ease. 

  • Unlike the main course, there will be no assignments from this work other than what you choose to do following them. 

Students had this to say...

Thank you, Allison and Dana, for the thorough information presented in your Take Flight Course.  It was just what I needed to know.  You are both very organized, caring, and kind.  My favorites were putting my dreams and goals in writing, learning new healing techniques, having healing sessions in the Business Acceleration Program, and being assigned to a group of people from class to call on for continued help and support.  It is great to know you are available for further coaching.  I am happy to recommend this course to others.  Thanks again!"  Carolyn Lamson, USA 

If you are serious about getting health/energy business up and running then you will want to consider what Allison and Dana have to offer. If you want to save time and money and avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes for developing a successful business plan and executing it, then don't hesitate to make an investment in yourself and the potential people you can help. You have got some caring, experienced experts ready to help you on your way in Allison and Dana." Lawrence Blanchard, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel it was a great investment in me and my business."  Peggy Maggard, USA  


I loved this course and think it was worth every cent."  Fiona Tennant, Australia   

I really enjoyed it. Dana and Allison put on a great seminar. Lots of material. All in all, it hit the right areas that would be required for myself to build this business. The material in the course was well put together. I do commend Dana and Allison for their efforts and greatly appreciate what you have done for me."  Dale Heino, USA 

Although I have my work cut out for me with all that you shared, I feel so much more empowered now and confident that I can put up a website and hopefully take flight and soar! Butterflies will always remind me of this course! Thank you so much!"  Judy Young, USA 

Thank you for your passion in helping healers, practitioners setting up their business. You both Dana and Allison have such a kind heart, giving us direction in building the new age of healing business, the balance of head thinking and heart feeling perfectly combined. Thank you!"  Virina Rohland, USA 

I am EC & BC certified and needed help learning how to set up and run a healing business. I was looking for a class to help me with the nuts and bolts of everyday work setting up and running this kind of business. This class from Allison and Dana is exactly what I was looking for and has already helped me immensely. A good investment and worth every penny for my business/ future.”  Jane W. USA

This course is AWESOME! Your content is incredibly extensive and well organized. Beyond that, you delivered it in a really friendly, comfortable and considerate way that even the least experienced of us could understand. This course is the perfect roadmap for success and I'll definitely be recommending it to my fellow healers!"  Diana Well, USA 

This course has been extremely informative, encouraging, and it motivated me to finally move forward in my Energy Healing business. I felt stuck on many different levels, especially since I had no foundation on how to set up my business properly. Thanks to Allison and Dana, I now have all the right tools to move forward.  Angela Santiago, USA 

This is just an amazing course... at one point I realized I was on the verge of tears because I was so full of gratitude for what I was learning! You make me feel that starting my own business is a VERY realistic goal!! I am so excited that I have several more weeks to listen and learn from you two! What a true blessing you are in my life!  Phyllis Seelye, USA 

Are you ready to join us?

Take Flight Program


Now taking enrollment for our next class beginning Wednesday, January 29th at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT and ends March 2nd.  All 8 weeks are held on Wednesdays (US & Canada time zones)

Take Flight Business Acceleration Program class dates are Mondays beginning February 10th thru March 2nd at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT (US & Canada time zones).   

Are you ready to get your business off the ground? 

We want to help you turn your passion and skills into a sustainable healing business.  You don't have to figure it all out by yourself.  Take Flight will accelerate your launch so you can be working with clients and making money sooner. 

  1. Choose the program that's best for you.  

  2. Choose your payment option - Click the button and it will give you two options to pay, either in full or in 2 equal payments with the second payment 30 days after the first payment. 




8-Week Webinar Training Program 

Designed for optimal learning and development of your healing business. It includes...

  • Butterfly Files for business planning, strategy, system organization, marketing tools and more. 

  • Private Membership Site for replays and assignments

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Accountability Group to you on track and provide you with direct resources for the course and possibly into the future 

  • Bonus Resources 

    • Organization, Get More Done In Less Time. 90-minute webinar.  

    • vCita Training, How to Set It Up and Use It,  90 minute webinar. 

Program Value $3,650
Regular Fee $1,397
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2 ways to pay 
$1,097 Pay In Full
$375 / mo - 3 Payments

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8-Week Webinar Training Program 

Includes all the content in the Business Basic Program plus the following...

  • Four Business Breakthrough group energy healing sessions  

    • 2 Sessions using Psych-K processes to shift Limiting Beliefs holding you and your business back ​

    • 1 Session to harness the power of your subconscious.  Use these exercises for yourself and your clients. 

    • 1 Session to expand your skills working with the wounded inner child

Program Value $4,400
Regular Fee $1,797
We've discounted your price and have given you
2 ways to pay  
$1,497 Pay In Full
$508 / mo - 3 Payments

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100% Success Guarantee

We believe the Take Flight Course will enable you to transform your business by learning and incorporating the training we offer. And we'll back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you actively participate in the first 15 days of the course, attend 2 weeks of webinars, do the assignments, participate in the Accountability Group and find this is not meeting your needs, then we'll give you a full refund of your tuition fee. You can keep the Butterfly Files you've downloaded during the first 2 weeks.  All you'll need to do is contact us via email and let us know why you want to cancel.  In the email, request a refund within 15 days of the start of the course and we'll then send you a 100% refund of the course tuition. 

- Your Coaches, Allison and Dana 


That's our goal for you.  

“Everything you do matters.  Every move you make, every action you take....matters.  Not just to you, or your family, or your business or your hometown.  Everything you do matters to ALL OF US FOREVER." 

- Andy Andrews