About Your Coaches

We are committed to helping practitioners create impactful and productive healing businesses.  We do this by sharing our experience and knowledge globally through webinars, products and personal coaching services tailored specifically to the healer and their business.

Our Story  ​

Being healers is a dream come true for both of us!  We are living that dream every day because we are PASSIONATE about the work we do.  Yet, we both felt like we were called to be practitioners and SOMETHING MORE!


That’s when we both began to dream about developing tools or a program that would help other practitioners get their businesses off the ground. (It’s that healer’s desire to help where needed!  Recognize it?)  Only, we didn’t know what the other was thinking.  So, our journeys began solo!


Dana had the idea to build a “Tool Box” or a “How to Guide” with step-by-step forms and instructions that would help practitioners get started in their business.  She envisioned the tool box having client forms, legal forms and disclaimers, client note templates, banking information, etc.  You know, a full-blown guide to do it yourself!   (Hey, we love DIY – it’s how we got started!)

Truth was, Dana was struggling to get things pulled together!  Enter, frustration, dread, worthlessness, etc.  Ugh, we hate that!


The funny part of the story is that Dana reached out to Allison and asked who her business coach was.  Yes, we both continued with coaching after our mentorship!  Why? Because, it is EASIER to move forward with the help of someone who has been in your shoes.  While we love DIY projects, we also understand the importance of working with others and getting direction on moving forward and staying on the path of progress.


Meanwhile, Allison had the idea to build an 8-week course that would provide coaching, direction, help and advice that other practitioners could use to jump-start their business success.   Her course content was thought out and fully outlined.  In fact Allison was inspired to build this course after mentoring Dana’s class with Healer’s Library.  Allison visited each course member in person - for 3 days, working with them, and HEARING what was needed!  She heard first-hand the areas of struggle!


Truth be told, Allison was struggling to get things pulled together too!  Enter, frustration, dread, worthlessness again!  Did we mention we hate that?


That’s when our coach suggested we talk to one another about our projects and see if there was a way to collaborate. BINGO – here we are!


We moved our goal of helping other practitioners get their businesses up and running into REALITY TOGETHER!  While we are both healers, we both have different and unique business strengths that complement one another. For instance, Allison loves the “techy” side of things and took the lead on creating this web site.  Dana enjoys writing and handling day-to-day “business” tasks. 

 Picture of Dana taken by Allison while Dana was showing her Spokane during her 3 day mentoring visit in 2016. 

While Allison took the lead on creating the website, Dana took the lead on writing a lot of its content.  We moved forward together, utilizing our unique strengths!


We are so glad to bring Build My Healing Business to you and hope you enjoyed Our Story.  It’s only just begun!

To your success!